Labour Management

We are providing the best Bangle Labour Management Software, easy management, reduce efforts,increase working speed.

Material Management

We are giving you the best bangle material (like Groos, Packet and kilogram) management system.

Finished Goods

We are giving you the best stock inventory management system with alerts and notification

Send SMS

Just search your parties, check balance sheet and send sms to Debtors/Creditors.

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Suhaag ERP

"SUHAAG ERP" is a complete bangle Management System and is specially design for bangle business. This software cover all working modules related to bangle business like Goods-IN, Goods-Out, Stock Inentory, Low stock Alert, QR Code For to maintain the cost of manufacturing. Share your invoice to your business parties by software.

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The promoters of Suhaag ERP is a team of result oriented and ambitious professionals in website, software, banking ,finance ,legal ,accounting and cooperative sector who have varied experience and expertise in reputed sector .


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Our business model is to extend bangle business management and increasing working speed,reduce efforts, and increasing business profits.Our team is regularly woking in this software and providing new updates and features.

Deposit Schemes
Deposit Schemes


Update stock Auto or Manually and Get alert of low stock.

Gold Loan
Gold Loan


Increase operational efficiency of collections for labour management and Set Labour Rate.

Recurring Deposit
Recurring Deposit


Get different reports of labour, Debtor, Creditor.

Saving Deposit Scheme<
Saving Deposit Scheme<


Take your goods in pieces, sell in pieces.Do the bangle business the same way.

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    We are trying to reduce your efforts in management and trying to promote every business in digital world.

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